Affordable Hotels In Paris With Eiffel Tower View

Are you planning a ‌trip to Paris and dreaming of⁢ a hotel room with a stunning⁣ view of the iconic Eiffel Tower? Look no⁣ further! In this article, we will guide you through the best affordable ​hotels in Paris that⁢ offer breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the perfect hotel and let ⁢us‌ help you find your dream accommodation in the city of love.

1: ibis Budget ⁢hotel paris

This well-known and loved budget hotel is perfect for travelers looking for a comfortable stay at⁣ an affordable price. Located in the ⁣heart of Paris, you can enjoy stunning views of the Eiffel Tower ‍from the‌ hotel’s upper floors. With rooms starting from just €75 per night, this hotel offers great value for money. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a ‌24-hour ‍reception desk. Stay at the ibis Budget Hotel Paris for ‌an unforgettable experience in the City of Light. See availability >

2: Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro

Located just a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower, Hotel Eiffel Trocadéro is a fantastic choice for those seeking a view of this iconic landmark. ⁣The hotel‌ offers elegantly decorated rooms with modern‌ amenities such as flat-screen TVs and minibars. Prices start from €120 per ⁢night, and many rooms offer a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a romantic evening on the‍ hotel’s rooftop terrace, sipping a glass of champagne while gazing at the sparkling tower.

3: Hotel La Comtesse

Situated in the upscale 7th arrondissement of ​Paris,‌ Hotel La Comtesse provides​ guests with a luxurious and memorable experience. With rooms starting from €180 per night, this hotel offers comfortable and stylish accommodations. ‌The highlight of this hotel is its⁢ stunning rooftop terrace, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel also​ features a bar and ‍lounge area, perfect for ​relaxing ⁢after a long day of exploring the city. ‍

4: Hotel Eiffel Kensington

Hotel⁢ Eiffel⁣ Kensington is ⁤located in the prestigious​ 16th arrondissement, known for its beautiful architecture and ‌quiet streets. This charming hotel offers cozy rooms​ at an affordable price, ​with rates starting from €100 per night.⁤ While some rooms may not directly face the Eiffel Tower, the rooftop​ terrace provides a gorgeous view of the landmark. Enjoy ​a delicious breakfast on ‍the terrace while admiring the iconic structure.

5: Hotel ‌Du Cadran

Hotel Du ‌Cadran is a budget-friendly⁢ option located near the Eiffel Tower. With rates starting from €85 per night, this hotel offers comfortable​ and clean ⁣rooms. ⁤Although not all rooms have views‌ of the Eiffel Tower, the hotel’s prime location allows you to ⁢reach the iconic landmark within a short walk.​ The hotel also provides a buffet ⁢breakfast to start your day off right.


1. Can I find affordable hotels in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Yes, there are several affordable hotels in Paris that offer stunning ‍views‌ of the Eiffel​ Tower. These hotels provide an excellent opportunity ‍to ⁤experience the charm of Paris without breaking the bank.

2. ⁢How much do affordable hotels in Paris with ‌a view of⁢ the Eiffel Tower cost?

The cost of affordable hotels in Paris‍ with a view of the Eiffel Tower can vary depending on factors such as location, amenities, and ⁣season.⁣ Prices can range from €75 to €180 per night.

3. Are there any ⁤additional perks or features⁢ offered by these hotels?

Many ‌of these‌ hotels offer additional amenities such​ as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, 24-hour reception desks, ⁣and rooftop terraces. Some hotels may also provide breakfast or have a bar/lounge area for‍ relaxation.

4.⁤ How far are these hotels from the Eiffel Tower?

The hotels mentioned in ​this article are conveniently located‍ near the‌ Eiffel Tower, with​ some being just a short walk away. ⁣You​ can easily access the landmark and enjoy its beauty throughout your ‌stay.

5. Can I book ‍these hotels online?

Yes,‌ all of‌ these hotels can be ⁢booked ​online ​through​ their respective websites or through popular hotel booking platforms. Booking online provides convenience⁢ and allows you to compare prices and read​ reviews from other travelers.

In conclusion, ​if you’re looking for affordable hotels in Paris with a breathtaking view of⁤ the ‌Eiffel Tower, there are several options to choose from. Whether you prefer a budget hotel or a more luxurious experience, these hotels provide both comfort and a stunning view. ‌Don’t miss the opportunity to make‍ your ​Parisian dream come ⁤true. Book your stay today and ‌enjoy the‍ beauty of the City of Light.

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