Best Budget Hotels In Paris For Families

Best Budget Hotels In Paris ⁤For Families

Paris ‌is a ⁢city that offers a⁣ wealth of culture, history, and beauty to explore. However, finding affordable accommodation that⁣ caters to families‍ can be a challenge. That’s why we‍ have curated a list ‍of the best budget hotels in Paris for families, taking into account their locations, ⁢features, and value⁣ for money. ‍In this article, we ⁢will guide​ you ⁣through the top choices in the city, ensuring that your family has a comfortable and​ memorable stay without breaking the bank.

1. ibis budget hotel ⁤Paris

Located​ in the heart of⁤ Paris, the ibis Budget⁣ hotel offers comfortable​ and⁤ affordable accommodation for families. With rooms ⁢starting from just €75 per night, this well-known and loved‍ budget ​hotel provides a convenient base for ⁣exploring the city’s ‍attractions. The hotel‍ is situated within walking distance of popular sites such as the ‍Louvre Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral, making it an ideal choice⁢ for families looking to make the most⁢ of their time in Paris. The hotel also offers complimentary⁢ breakfast and free⁣ Wi-Fi, ensuring both convenience ⁣and cost-effectiveness. See availability >

2. Hotel de la Porte ⁢Dorée

Hotel ‌de la Porte Dorée ⁣is a charming and family-friendly hotel located in ‌a quiet residential area of Paris. With‍ prices starting at‌ €80 ⁣per night, this budget hotel offers comfortable rooms and a warm atmosphere. The ‍hotel’s location near the Bois de Vincennes park makes‍ it perfect for families looking to‌ enjoy outdoor​ activities. Additionally, ‌the nearby Porte Dorée metro station ⁢provides ‍easy access to the city’s main attractions. ⁣The‌ hotel offers ​a‍ delicious continental breakfast to start ​your‌ day ​right. See availability >

3. Hotel Prince Albert Louvre

If⁢ you’re looking for a‌ budget hotel near the Louvre Museum, Hotel Prince Albert⁤ Louvre is an‍ excellent ‍choice. With rooms starting at €85 per night, this ​cozy hotel provides a central location for​ exploring Paris’ iconic landmarks. The‌ hotel offers comfortable and ⁤well-equipped rooms, ensuring a pleasant stay for families. The⁤ friendly staff and‌ convenient amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast, add to the overall value ​of this budget-friendly‌ option. See availability >

4. Hotel Aida‍ Marais

Located in the vibrant Marais district, Hotel ⁤Aida Marais is a⁣ popular choice for families seeking affordable ⁢accommodation. With prices starting from ‍€90 per⁣ night, this budget hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms, ⁤perfect for​ families of ⁣all sizes.​ The hotel’s central location allows guests to easily explore popular‌ attractions such as the Centre Pompidou and the Notre-Dame⁣ Cathedral. Additionally, the hotel provides a⁤ delicious breakfast ‍buffet​ to​ fuel​ your family’s adventures. See availability >

5. Hotel‌ du Nord et de l’Est

The Hotel du Nord et de l’Est is​ a charming budget hotel situated near the vibrant Canal Saint-Martin. With prices starting from €95 ‌per ⁢night, this family-friendly hotel offers comfortable and well-appointed ⁣rooms. Its ​convenient ‍location provides⁣ easy access to both the city center and⁣ the​ charming neighborhood of‍ Belleville. The hotel also offers a continental breakfast and free Wi-Fi, ensuring ‍a convenient and enjoyable stay for families exploring Paris. See availability >

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I find budget hotels in Paris ⁤that are suitable for families?

Absolutely! Paris offers a ‍range of budget hotels that cater to families. These hotels provide comfortable accommodations, family-friendly amenities,⁢ and convenient locations at affordable prices.

2. Are budget hotels in Paris⁢ safe for⁤ families?

Yes, budget hotels in Paris prioritize the safety and security of their guests, including families. These⁣ hotels typically have⁤ secure‍ access systems and‌ trained staff members to​ ensure a safe environment for all guests.

3. Is it​ possible to find‍ budget hotels near popular tourist attractions⁣ in Paris?

Yes, many budget⁣ hotels ‌in‍ Paris are conveniently located near⁤ popular tourist attractions. ‌These hotels ⁣offer easy access to ​landmarks ‍such ‌as the Louvre ⁢Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and​ the ‌Eiffel Tower, allowing families to make the most of⁢ their time in the city.

4. Are breakfast and Wi-Fi included in the room​ rates of budget hotels⁤ in Paris?

While each budget hotel may have different policies, many do include breakfast and Wi-Fi in their‍ room rates. It’s always best​ to check with the hotel directly to confirm what ⁤amenities are included in ‌your reservation.

5.⁢ Can I find budget ⁢hotels in Paris with family rooms or suites?

Yes, several budget hotels in Paris offer ​family rooms or suites to accommodate larger groups.‌ These rooms ⁤are designed to ‌provide ample space and comfort for families, ensuring a pleasant ‍stay for everyone.


When⁣ visiting Paris as⁢ a family, it’s important to find budget-friendly accommodation that meets the needs⁢ of both parents and children. The best budget hotels‌ in Paris⁤ for families offer comfortable rooms, convenient locations, and family-friendly ‌amenities without sacrificing affordability. Whether you choose the Ibis Budget hotel paris, Hotel de la Porte Dorée, Hotel⁣ Prince Albert Louvre, Hotel Aida Marais, or Hotel du Nord et de l’Est, you can rest assured that⁤ your family⁢ will have‌ a memorable stay in the City of ⁢Light. Plan your⁤ family’s Parisian⁤ adventure today! See availability >

See availability >

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