Cheap Hotels Montmartre Paris

Cheap Hotels Montmartre Paris:

Welcome to Montmartre, one of the most charming and ​artistic neighborhoods in the heart of Paris. From its cobblestone ⁤streets to its iconic landmarks, Montmartre‌ exudes a unique bohemian atmosphere that has captivated artists, writers, and travelers for ‍centuries. If you’re planning a visit to this vibrant neighborhood, you’re probably looking​ for affordable and comfortable​ accommodations. In this article, we will guide you through the best cheap hotels in Montmartre Paris, ensuring ‍that you have ​a memorable stay⁢ without breaking the bank.

1: ibis budget hotel Paris

If you’re seeking a well-known and⁢ loved budget hotel, then look no further than the ibis Budget‍ hotel ‍Paris. With rooms​ starting from just €75‍ per night, this hotel offers excellent value for money. Located in the heart of Montmartre, the hotel is just a short walk away from popular attractions such as the‌ Sacré-Cœur Basilica and⁢ the Moulin Rouge. The ⁣rooms are cozy and ⁤compact, ​yet well-equipped ‍with all the necessary amenities. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi access and a continental ‌breakfast buffet. Whether ⁢you’re traveling solo or with a small group, the Ibis Budget hotel paris is a fantastic choice ⁣for budget-conscious travelers.

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2: Hotel Regina Montmartre

Another great option for affordable accommodation ‍in‍ Montmartre is the Hotel Regina Montmartre. With its convenient location ⁣near the Anvers metro station, this hotel is ideal for exploring the neighborhood and‌ beyond. The rooms ​are tastefully decorated ​and offer comfortable beds for ⁢a good night’s sleep. Prices start from around €80 per night, making it a ⁤budget-friendly choice for travelers. The hotel also provides an on-site bar ⁣and ‍a 24-hour⁤ front‍ desk, ensuring that guests have everything they need for a pleasant stay in Montmartre.

3: Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour

If‌ you’re in search of a unique and romantic ⁣experience in Montmartre, look no further than ⁤Hotel Montmartre Mon ⁣Amour. This boutique hotel offers a⁤ cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for​ couples or ‌travelers seeking a‌ touch of ​romance. The rooms are beautifully decorated and ‌feature themed designs inspired⁤ by love stories and famous couples. Prices start from ⁤approximately €90 per⁤ night, making⁤ it an affordable choice for those ‍looking for a memorable and​ charming stay in Montmartre. The ‍hotel also offers ⁣a breakfast buffet, a 24-hour‍ front desk, ​and a concierge service to assist guests​ with their needs.

4: ‍Hotel ⁤Basss Montmartre

For a trendy and stylish experience in Montmartre, ​consider staying at the Hotel Basss Montmartre. Located ​near the Abbesses metro station, this hotel offers easy access to popular attractions such as‌ the Picasso Museum and the Montmartre Cemetery. ⁣The rooms are modern and spacious, with contemporary décor and comfortable furnishings. Prices start from around‍ €100 per night, offering excellent value for ⁢money considering the hotel’s prime location and ‍chic ambiance. ‍Guests can also enjoy‌ the hotel’s on-site bar and lounge area, ‌perfect for ‌unwinding after a‌ day of exploring Montmartre.

5: Hotel des ‌Arts Montmartre

For travelers seeking a budget-friendly, yet artistic ​experience, the Hotel des Arts Montmartre is an excellent choice. Set in⁣ a traditional Parisian⁢ building, this hotel embodies‌ the spirit of Montmartre with its vibrant ⁤and colorful‍ décor. The rooms are cozy and ⁢comfortable, featuring artistic ⁢touches and modern amenities.⁣ With prices starting from approximately €80 per night, guests can ⁣enjoy⁤ a unique and affordable stay​ in the heart of Montmartre. The ⁢hotel also ⁢offers a complimentary breakfast and has a friendly and knowledgeable staff ‌who⁣ can provide tips and recommendations on ‌exploring the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there any cheap hotels in Montmartre Paris with⁢ a view of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica?

While it can be challenging to find affordable accommodations with a⁢ direct​ view ⁤of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, several hotels in Montmartre offer rooms with partial or rooftop views. Hotel Basss Montmartre is one such hotel that‍ provides guests with ‍stunning rooftop views of the basilica.

Q2: Are there any cheap hotels in Montmartre Paris that are⁤ pet-friendly?

Yes, there are pet-friendly hotels in Montmartre⁢ Paris. Hotel ‍Regina Montmartre and ⁤Hotel‌ des Arts Montmartre​ are two examples of budget-friendly hotels that welcome pets. It’s​ always advisable to check ⁣with the hotel in advance regarding their specific pet policies​ and any additional ‍fees involved.

Q3: Is it ⁢safe to walk around Montmartre at night?

Montmartre is generally ​considered safe to walk around at night. However, as with any popular tourist area, it’s always wise to⁢ take basic precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Stick to well-lit and populated areas, and avoid‍ walking alone late at night.

Q4: Are there any cheap hotels in Montmartre Paris with family rooms?

Yes, families traveling to Montmartre ‍can find budget-friendly⁢ accommodations with family⁢ rooms. ‌Hotel Regina‌ Montmartre and Hotel Montmartre‌ Mon⁢ Amour ‌are two examples⁣ of hotels that offer family rooms suitable for accommodating‍ groups or families.

Q5: Are there any cheap hotels in Montmartre Paris near public transportation?

Many hotels ‍in⁢ Montmartre Paris are conveniently​ located near public

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