Cheap Place To Stay Paris

Cheap ‍Place To ‌Stay Paris: Discover ‍Affordable Accommodations in​ the‌ City of Lights

Planning a trip to⁤ Paris but worried about​ the cost of accommodation? Look no ‍further! In this article, we will‍ guide you through some of the best and⁣ cheapest hotels in​ Paris, providing you with valuable information on their locations, features, and‌ everything else you need to know to make‍ your stay ⁤enjoyable without breaking the ‌bank.

1: ibis budget hotel⁢ Paris – Affordable Comfort in the Heart ⁣of the City

ibis ‌Budget ‌hotel paris is a ⁤well-known and loved​ budget‍ hotel, offering ⁢rooms starting‌ from just ‍€75 per night. ​Located in the⁣ heart of Paris,‌ this​ hotel provides easy access‌ to major attractions like‌ the Louvre ​Museum and‍ the Eiffel Tower. The rooms ⁣are compact yet ⁤comfortable, ‌featuring modern⁤ amenities such as free Wi-Fi and ⁣flat-screen ​TVs.⁢ The hotel ‌also offers a buffet breakfast and a friendly 24-hour⁤ reception. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the vibrant city of Paris without breaking your budget! See availability >

2: Hotel Saint-Louis Marais – Charming and Budget-Friendly

Hotel ⁣Saint-Louis Marais is a charming budget-friendly hotel situated in the lively Marais district. ​With room ⁤rates starting from €90 per night, it⁤ offers great value for your ‌money. The hotel⁣ showcases‍ traditional Parisian decor and provides ​cozy rooms with private bathrooms. Enjoy the‌ complimentary‌ continental breakfast ​each morning ⁣before exploring the nearby‌ attractions, including Notre-Dame Cathedral‌ and the⁣ Picasso Museum. The hotel ⁤also⁢ offers ⁣convenient amenities⁤ like free Wi-Fi and a helpful concierge service. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Paris⁤ at Hotel Saint-Louis Marais!

3: Hotel​ Prince Albert Louvre⁢ – Affordable ‍Elegance near the Louvre

Enjoy affordable elegance ‌at ‍Hotel Prince‍ Albert Louvre, situated just a stone’s throw away⁣ from ‌the magnificent Louvre Museum. ⁢With rooms starting from €95 per night, this budget-friendly hotel‍ offers a comfortable stay in the ⁣heart of ⁢Paris. The rooms feature a classic ‍Parisian charm with modern amenities such as‌ air conditioning and‌ free Wi-Fi. Take ⁢advantage of the hotel’s ⁢prime location and explore popular attractions like ⁢the Tuileries Garden and‍ Palais ‍Royal. The friendly ⁤and attentive staff will ensure ‍your stay is ⁤memorable and⁢ hassle-free.

4: Hotel Eiffel Turenne – Budget-Friendly⁣ Stay with a View

For those seeking affordable accommodation with a fantastic ⁣view,‍ Hotel⁣ Eiffel Turenne is the perfect‍ choice. With rooms starting from €100 per night, this budget-friendly ⁣hotel offers a stunning view of ⁣the iconic Eiffel Tower.​ The rooms are⁣ elegantly⁣ decorated⁣ and equipped with‌ modern amenities such as⁤ soundproofing and‌ satellite TV. Start⁣ your day with ⁣a delicious ‍breakfast buffet and then‍ explore the nearby attractions, including the Champs de Mars and Les Invalides. ‌With friendly staff and ⁤a prime location,⁤ Hotel Eiffel Turenne is ⁤an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers.

5: Hotel Little Regina – Cozy Charm near Montmartre

Hotel Little Regina is a cozy and charming hotel located near the picturesque neighborhood of Montmartre. With rooms​ starting from €80 per night, this budget-friendly hotel offers a comfortable and authentic Parisian experience. ⁤The rooms are tastefully decorated and feature ‌modern amenities⁤ such⁤ as air conditioning and⁢ free ⁤Wi-Fi. Explore the vibrant streets of Montmartre and⁣ visit popular sites like the Sacré-Cœur Basilica ⁣and Moulin ‌Rouge. The‍ hotel also provides⁤ a delicious⁢ continental breakfast to start your ⁢day on a high note. Experience the bohemian atmosphere of Montmartre without breaking the bank ​at Hotel Little​ Regina.

Frequently Asked ​Questions about Cheap Place To Stay Paris

Q1: Are‌ these cheap hotels located in‍ safe neighborhoods?

A1: ⁢Yes, all the hotels mentioned⁢ in this article ​are​ located in safe neighborhoods. However, it⁢ is always recommended to exercise general caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially when exploring unfamiliar areas at night.

Q2: Do ‌these budget hotels offer free Wi-Fi?

A2:‌ Yes, all the hotels ⁢mentioned offer free Wi-Fi to ensure you stay​ connected during ⁤your ‍visit to Paris.

Q3: Are there any⁣ additional fees​ or taxes to consider?

A3: It’s important to note that most⁤ hotels in Paris‍ charge a city tax, which is​ typically ‌not included‍ in the room rate. Make sure to check ⁣the hotel’s website or contact them directly to inquire about any additional fees⁣ or taxes.

Q4: Can I book⁤ these hotels online?

A4: Absolutely! Each hotel⁤ mentioned in this article​ provides‌ an online booking ⁣platform ‌on their website. Simply click on the corresponding⁣ button to ⁢make ​your reservation‌ hassle-free.

Q5: Are these hotels​ well-connected ⁤to public transportation?

A5: Yes, all the hotels mentioned are conveniently located near public ⁢transportation options such as metro stations and⁢ bus⁣ stops, ‌making ⁢it⁢ easy to explore the city.


If you’re planning ⁣a trip to Paris on a budget, ‍finding a cheap place⁣ to stay is key. By choosing one of the affordable hotels mentioned in this ⁤article, you can enjoy ⁤a comfortable and memorable stay without breaking the bank. Whether ‍you prefer a central location,⁣ a stunning ⁢view, or ⁢a charming neighborhood, there is a budget-friendly option for everyone. Don’t let⁢ accommodation costs ‌hold​ you back from ⁣experiencing the‍ magic of⁢ the City of ‌Lights. Book your affordable stay in⁢ Paris today and create lasting memories without compromising on comfort!

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