Cheap Student Accommodation In Paris

Cheap Student Accommodation In Paris: Find Affordable and Convenient Places ​to ‌Stay

Are you a student planning to study in Paris and looking for affordable accommodation options? Look no further! In this ​article, we will ⁤guide you through the best ⁤and ‌cheapest student accommodations in the City of Love. We understand the pain points faced by students when it comes‌ to finding suitable⁢ places to stay on a budget. But worry not, as⁤ we have done⁢ the research ​for you,⁢ showcasing‌ the‌ top choices that combine affordability, convenient locations, and‍ desirable features.

1: ibis budget hotel Paris – Affordable and Comfortable

ibis Budget hotel ⁣Paris ​is‍ a well-known and loved budget hotel, ‌offering rooms starting from €75 per night.​ Located in the heart of Paris, this hotel provides easy access to ​popular​ attractions, such as ⁤the Eiffel Tower and ⁤Notre-Dame Cathedral. The rooms⁤ are clean, comfortable, and equipped with all the necessary amenities. Whether you need a single room or a shared dormitory, Ibis Budget hotel paris⁢ has options to suit every student’s budget.⁤ Don’t miss out on ⁤their great deals!

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2: St. Christopher’s⁣ Inn Gare du Nord – Ideal ​for Socializing

If you’re ‍looking for affordable accommodation with a vibrant​ atmosphere, look no further ‍than St. Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord. This hostel offers both private rooms⁣ and shared dormitories starting from €30 per night. Located near the Gare du ‍Nord‌ train station, it provides⁢ excellent connectivity ⁢to ⁢other parts‌ of the‍ city. Additionally, its famous⁤ Belushi’s Bar is the perfect place to socialize and meet⁣ fellow students⁢ from all around the world. Enjoy the lively ambiance while keeping your budget intact!

3: Adveniat Paris – Budget-Friendly with a Religious ‍Touch

Adveniat ⁤Paris is an affordable student ​residence with a⁣ unique religious touch. This accommodation option offers ​rooms starting⁤ from €45 ⁣per⁤ night and is ⁢situated near the Champs-Élysées‍ and the Arc de Triomphe. Perfect for students⁤ on a tight budget, Adveniat‍ Paris combines simplicity, comfort, and a ​serene environment. The residence also offers⁤ communal spaces, where students​ can socialize and interact with each other. Experience a peaceful stay in the heart of the city!

4: Young and Happy Hostel – Budget-Friendly and Lively

With rooms starting from €35 per night, Young and Happy Hostel is the ideal choice for students‍ seeking affordable and lively accommodations. Situated in the artistic district of‌ Montmartre, the hostel exudes⁣ a vibrant and youthful atmosphere. The staff is friendly ​and ⁢always ready to assist you⁤ in making ​the most of your stay in ​Paris. Whether you prefer ‍a⁣ private room ⁢or a shared dormitory, Young and Happy Hostel has got you covered.

5: Oops! ‌Latin ⁣Quarter ⁢by Hiphophostels ⁣- Budget-Friendly and Convenient

Oops! Latin Quarter by ⁣Hiphophostels is another great option‌ for students looking for budget-friendly and conveniently located accommodation. With rooms starting from €40 per night, this hostel is situated in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter, close‍ to many universities and popular⁢ landmarks.​ The hostel offers a variety ‍of room types to suit different preferences and budgets. Stay in​ the ⁣heart of the ​city and ​explore its famous attractions⁣ without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ⁢it possible to ​find cheap​ student accommodation in Paris?

Absolutely! Paris ⁤offers a range of affordable⁣ accommodation options for students. By ‍choosing budget hotels, ⁤hostels, or student residences, you can find comfortable and affordable places to stay while studying in Paris.

2. How⁤ can I book cheap ‌student⁣ accommodation in Paris?

Booking cheap student accommodation in Paris ‍is easy. Many⁤ online‌ platforms, such as, Hostelworld, and Airbnb,⁢ offer a wide selection of affordable options. Make sure to ‍compare prices, read reviews, and book ⁣in advance ⁣to‌ secure the best deals.

3. Are budget accommodations in Paris safe for students?

Yes,‌ budget ​accommodations in Paris are‍ generally safe for students. However, it’s always advisable to take common safety precautions,‌ such as keeping your ​valuables secure, following hostel rules, and being aware of your surroundings. ‌Read reviews and choose accommodations with good safety​ ratings.

4. ‌Are budget accommodations in Paris centrally located?

Many budget accommodations ⁢in Paris are centrally located or well-connected to the city’s main ‍attractions. Popular areas ‌for student accommodation include the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, and ⁤near major train⁢ stations ‍like Gare du‌ Nord.⁤ Consider the location based on your university or preferred areas of interest.

5. Can I find cheap long-term student accommodation in Paris?

Yes, there are options for cheap long-term​ student accommodation in Paris. Some accommodations offer discounted rates for longer stays, especially ​student ⁢residences or hostels. It’s advisable‌ to contact the ​accommodation ‌directly or ⁢search for specialized platforms for long-term rentals.

We hope this guide has ‍provided you with valuable​ insights into finding ⁤cheap student accommodation in Paris. Remember to plan ahead, compare ‍prices, ​and choose accommodations that suit your budget and preferences. Enjoy your affordable stay in the beautiful city of Paris!

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